Custom Handcrafted Wood Cremation Burial Boxes

VanEss Expressions is ceasing all operations.

We will sell what little remains in our On Line Store , but then we are going to
re-think exactly what we want we want to do & how best to proceed in the future.

VanEss Expressions is a Ma & Pa operation - and both work full time 'regular' jobs.
We started VanEss Expressions because we love working with wood and creating
unique & original wood gifts and home decor items. But in the past few years - it has
started to totally consume our lives, and we have found it just impossible to keep up.
We hope to be back someday- but I don't know when.

We apologize for not responding to those who have recently sent in inquiries,
and our sincere apologies and 'Thanks' to our long time, devoted customers.

While there is a wide variety of cremation urns and cremation burial boxes available - running from hundreds to several thousand dollars, this may not be a viable option for many people.

VanEss Expressions is a very small family woodworking company - creating original and custom handcrafted wood items. Cremation Burial Boxes is not one of our normal product lines; but from the inquiries we've received, it appears there is a need that is not being sufficiently met.

Cremation ashes typically come from the crematory / funeral home encased in a plastic container. Our wood Cremation Burial Boxes are meant to house these containers in a tasteful and attractive, yet affordable, way. Since these cremation containers come in a variety of sizes - we individually handcraft each Cremation Burial Box to the specific dimensions of the cremation container.

Our standard woods are Oak, Maple, Walnut, Ash, and Cherry (although other wood may be available) and we also combine different wood. All of our handcrafted, wooden Cremation Burial Boxes (like our decorative wood boxes) have the distinctive box-joint corners. We use water-proof glue, apply 3 coats of a non-toxic finish to the inside, and at least 3 coats of a very hard polyurethane varnish to the outside of our wood Cremation Burial Boxes.

Typically there are three ultimate destinations for cremation ashes: 1) to be entombed in a burial vault; 2) to be 'scattered' at a special place (dependent on local ordinances); and 3) to be kept by a surviving loved one, for at least a period of time. Custom Handcrafted Wooden Cremation Burial Boxes ~ Handmade of solid Walnut with Cherry accent. Tapered sides, box-joint corners and contrasting wood give if a more elegant and distinguished appearance.

1) Burial Vault - The Cremation Burial Box on the right was custom made to not only hold the 8½” x 4” x 6” high crematory ash container, but also to fit in the specific burial vault dimensions. This Cremation Box was handmade of solid American walnut with cream cherry accent on the lid. With the slightly tapered sides and the contrasting wood, this box has a more formal, refined appearance. (note - although the outside has tapered sides, the inside is perpendicular) The lid has a nice router detail to highlight the contrasting cherry

2) Cremation Ashes to be Scattered - Even if the cremation ashes are meant to be scattered, some people prefer to have a nice, but economical, cremation urn or cremation box for the memorial services or as an attractive, temporary container until the cremation ashes can be scattered.

Custom Handcrafted Wooden Cremation Burial Boxes ~ Handmade of solid Hickory, hand picked for grain & coloring, for a more casual appearance. Angled sides, distinctive box-joint corners and routered lid. 3) This Cremation Box was to be kept at the recipient's home until a decision was made as to the ultimate destination of the cremation ashes. It was handcrafted out of hickory for a more casual appearance, and because hickory had meaning to the recipient. The wood was hand-selected so that the grain wrapped around all 4 sides, with the darker color symbolizing the physical earth, and the lighter color - the spiritual heavens. It was custom made for the 8¼” x 5½” x 6¼” high cremation container, and small felt feet were added to the underside. The sides tapered slightly outward, then back in at the base. The routed lid was made to fit very snuggly, but so that it could be removed when the time came.

Please understand, VanEss Expressions is not in the memorial service business. We do not stock cremation or burial boxes nor deal in any of the multitude of accompanying burial, cremation or memorial products or services. We do not provide brass plaques (although a plaque could be easily added) or do 'theme' burial boxes (though we could add a nice wood cross, etc). We are woodworkers, handcrafting original and custom wooden boxes, and offering a beautiful, quality - yet economical, alternative to the cremation urns and cremation burial boxes currently available.

We are a very small woodworking company. Each Cremation Burial Box we make (like all of the items we sell) is individually and personally handcrafted by us in our Minnesota workshop. We are not equipped for mass-production, thus each request is handled individually as to the design, completion time and price (depending on the size, shape & type of wood for the box), or if we can even accept the order. Depending on our current work-load, we would need a minimum of 3 weeks, after the specifics are worked out, to custom make your Individually Handcrafted Wood Cremation Burial Box.

If you are interested in affordable

Custom Handcrafted Wooden Cremation Burial Boxes,

please give us a call at 800-616-4237